Dress Code Overview

CCA students should abide by the following dress code policy:
Khakis/Navy/Black/Grey/Plaid pants or shorts. 
                      Polo shirts or Button-up dress shirts.  Solid color vests or cardigans are
                      permitted as an accessory.   *Collars must be visible.

      -Girls: Khakis/Navy/Black/Grey/Plaid pants,skirts,shorts, capris, jumpers or dresses. 
Polo shirts or Button-up dress shirts.  Solid color vests or cardigans are
                      permitted as an accessory.  *Collars must be visible.

                  -All girls & boys clothing may be no shorter than 1" above the knee when standing. 

                      -All Polos & Shirts must have sleeves (short, 3/4, and long are acceptable).
                   -Hooded jackets/pullovers can be worn to & from school/during recess, but MUST
                       remain in cubby/locker during the school day.  Jackets or other clothing worn
                       inside the building throughout the day must have no hood.

                  -All clothing should be free of brand logos/insignia greater than the size of a
                       quarter, with the exception of CCA Store apparel.

                   -Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Clogs, Crocs, Athletic Shoes are permitted. 
                        No flip flops or backless shoes, no heels greater than 2".

Frequently Asked Dress Code Questions:                         
 •Is the top a dress/tunic/ or shirt?
     A: If the top is being worn as a shirt, it must have a collar & be paired with an approved bottom
         (navy, black, grey, khaki, or plaid). 
         If the top is being worn as a tunic/dress, it must have a collar & meet the approved length of no
         shorter than  1" above the knee.
        *Ankle length Leggings/tights can be fun patterns/designs/colors & may be worn under jumpers/
         dresses/ skirts that meet the approved length. 

 •When is dress down/casual day?
    A: Dress down day/casual day is set to coincide with P.E. day and is called "CCA Pride Day"
         This year, Thursday's are "CCA Pride Day"

         •On these days, students may wear blue jeans and a CCA t-shirt/ Christian t-shirt/crew neck sweatshirt
           (Remember that Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted)
          •Students should wear tennis shoes on P.E. days.


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